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About Jennifer...

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Jennifer Zarifeh Major grew up in Vancouver, Canada, in a blended-culture family (Arab and Anglo-Canadian) and knows how to embrace the blessings and navigate the challenges of weaving strong, diverse cultures and abilities in the ever-changing world. Her adopted father is from the Middle East and taught her to make fabulous hummus. The languages used by members of her family include English, French, Arabic, and American Sign Language. 
Because of the decades of challenges faced by her parents, Jennifer had a front row perspective of the pain and heartache placed on the hearts and lives of persons of color who enter into mixed-ethnicity marriages. She also has a unique view of the lack of rights and freedoms given to persons of color, various ethnicities, and the stereotypes that evolve from misunderstanding and prejudice.


Her historical fiction is represented by Sally Apokedak, her contemporary fiction is represented by Don Pape.










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