About Jennifer...


Jennifer Major is a Vancouver native, now living in Eastern Canada with her husband and four children.

She's traveled to Latin America several times, and hopped, skipped and jumped across Europe, once.  ​

She has written two novels based on Navajo history, and will complete her third this year.

 Jennifer is also an avid reader and included in her list of favourite writers are Lori Benton, Laura Frantz, Tamara Leigh, Amber Perry, Catherine West, Ronie Kendig, Carol Moncado, Charles Martin, and Hampton Sides.


And isn't that nice?


Go ahead, hit the brakes and ask the big question.


WHAT exactly is a Canadian doing writing about Navajo history? Especially a middle aged, Anglo, Christian, female with no ties to American history whatsoever???

Not a single tie. No one. Not even a cross border cowboy in 1845.


So, why? Well, it was one of those moments when I was surfing the endless halfpipe of the internet and came across an article on The Long Walk of the Navajo. And BOOM.

"What if...?"

I dove into research and started writing about a warrior who loses his family and then is certain he's lost his mind. He leaves his home and his culture and heads out on quest to obey the oath he made to his wife.

The oath he made after she died. 

And she did die. He saw it.

But she came to him in a dream and asked him to do the one thing he was sworn as a soldier to never do. 

Leave his people.

So, that sets up Natanii/Nez's story. Which I wrote first.

But...what about The Long Walk? What about Bosque Redondo?

Wait...what is Bosque Redondo?

It was a fort in SE New Mexico.

And from 1863-1868, it was hell on earth for 10,000 Navajo and Mescalero Apache prisoners.

That is a shot of the Pecos River at Bosque Redondo. In future posts, we'll talk about this place. And you'll get to know why I'd willingly visit three times. 












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Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly

The Navajo Homeland