The Lighting the Way Home series based on Navajo History:

Book One: A Dangerous Mercy

Book Two: A Warrior's Grace

Book Three: A Beautiful Lie

A Dangerous Mercy:
In 1864, Sitnajinnie and his people are captured and held prisoner. Survival becomes a battle, but a more dangerous war is about to come. When the daughter of the camp commander seeks solace in the arms of a prisoner, certain death is the only guaranteed outcome.
But even in freedom, Sitnajinnie's life is precarious. Sold into slavery and badly beaten, he loses his memory and must fight to stay alive until he can find out who he is...and who the beautiful white woman is who fills his dreams, and calms his weary soul.
A Warrior's Grace: 
A lethal warrior brought down by the loss of his wife and children, Natanii's grief destroys his will to fight. When his dead wife comes to him in a dream, and sends him West to 'stay alive and wait for the broken one', he obeys. Safely hidden by a family of English settlers, Natanii changes his name to Nez, and becomes a part of the Hutchinson family. But the wait for 'the broken one' takes longer than expected. When she finally arrives, the sudden war within Nez threatens to destroy everyone he has come to love, including his broken one.   
A Beautiful Lie: 
In the race to save Black from a horse thief, the Hutchinsons find a young woman named Rose.
Duplicitous and beautiful, Rose's ability to lie enables her to charm her way into the Hutchinson's home, and into Nate's heart. As much as he loves her, Nate learns that Rose cannot be trusted. Sent away before she can destroy Nate forever, Rose is kidnapped before she can arrive home. When Nez offers himself up as the ultimate sacrifice, the divine direction of Rose's beautiful lie is made plain for all to see. 
The heart-wrenching conclusion to the series takes the reader through the valley of the darkest shadow of death, and out into the bright light of redemption and grace.