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Soooo, what's happening in my world?

Okay, soooo. The next week is going to be CRAZY here in Majorland.

Tomorrow, Monday June 20th. Second Son goes in first thing to get his report card and then he is DONE with high school. Oh, and tomorrow evening? He has prom. Hello taking a zillion pictures!! Trying not to cry. Thanking God that it's not raining.

I'm sure he'll have a blast with his friends.

Third Son is off to a water park with his class for their year end field trip. He is packing up his stuff as I type this. He is seriously excited. I'm amazed he doesn't suggest he just eat breakfast now (it's 9:15pm on Sunday night) and then sleep on the couch in the living room, fully clothed, so he's ready to go in the morning.

Tuesday. So far, nothing. But I'm okay with that.

Wednesday. High school graduation!!! We'll all swelter in the auditorium and get weepy and then go home, but #2 has an all night "Safe Grad" event.


Thank you, Suzanne Maxwell!

Thursday. Tea in the morning with a friend who wants to talk writing. That'll be FUN!!! Not much in the afternoon, other than laundry, which is FINE.

Friday. Second Son packs up the van and moves to camp for the summer, where he'll be working in the kitchen. I'll try not to cry.

Third Son's last day of school!!

Saturday. Getting together with friends. LOTS of fun to be had!

Sunday. Church and packing.




My daughter and I will be getting up at 4am on Monday the 27th and heading to our local airport to begin our trek to Vancouver, where we will rendezvous with our travel companions...I should call them "Travel Santas"...and stay two nights with them before we head down to the cruise ship terminal to board this...

The ms Volendam

...and sail up the coast to Alaska!!!

Yes, I am excited!!!

So, since this next week will be a whirlwind, and I doubt my brain will function properly next Sunday night, I'd better jump ahead of things and let you know I'll be radio silent after next Sunday.

I'll be back July 11th with a few stories of our adventures.

Until then, keep your stick on the ice, be good, and remember to smile at those who scowl.

Bon voyage!

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