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  • Jennifer Z. Major

Crickets, school and family vacation.

Happy Monday!

Some of you have kids going back to school this week. We don't.

Sorry about that.

A bit.

Ours go back in September. I shall miss them. And sleeping in.

Mostly I'll miss sleeping in.

Hey, this is an honesty zone, okay??

This week, we're preparing to head out to Parry Sound, Ontario. To spend 2 weeks with my husband's family at The Ontario Camp of the Deaf.

We'll have 2 of our offspring there with us, and our drug-addled dog.

Poor thing. He doesn't travel well, and so we have to sedate him.

Hopefully, we won't have a repeat of The Super 8 Incident of 2012, in which we did not receive our 20$ pet deposit back when we checked out.

And let me just say, that whole checking out experience was akin to the old Ikea commercial. (

Why? Because we learned that a whole pill relaxes him just waaay too much. Know what I'm sayin'?

By the time we tried to clean up what we could, and bath the dog, we needed to get gone.

Yup, after I explained to the front desk people that our dog had suffered through some humiliation, and left DNA everywhere, I totally burned rubber and broke a few laws driving out of that parking lot.

And, no, we never did return to that hotel. I think there's a mug shot of me and my dog in the front hall, on the wall. The entire wall.

I'm pretty sure they had to replace the carpeting in that room, and pay for the poor cleaning staff to undergo therapy.

So yeah, the dog will be stoned for the 14 hour first leg of the trip. Then we overnight with a friend, and then off to Deaf Camp.

Older Son is bringing his dog as well. A one year old, Big Giant Dog. So yeah, a puppy shaped like a bus. Our 13 year old, 18 pound mutt will NOT APPRECIATE the visit with the cuddly monster who has no idea she's that big. It'll be fun and yet quite pathetic. Our dog will hide under whatever he can.

My plan is to spend the mornings editing, and the afternoons and evenings with the extended family. Then may even be a Pavlova demonstration.

Maybe some reading...

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. It'll be a nice time. Unless it rains.


Yes, I'm a wimp.

But one thing that has made me enjoy the anticipation of seeing everyone?

It seems the crickets in our neck of the woods like the daytime as well as the night time.

Crickets make such a cool, tranquil sound. It makes me think of lazy summer days and the contentment of a day well spent.

Hopefully the 14 hour drive goes quickly...

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