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And hilarity ensued...

So, as you may have guessed from the absence of a new post, I have been on an adventure.

I left my humble home on September 12th, and flew (...on a plane...) to Toronto, then hung out in Pearson Airport for a few hours.

I trekked hither and yon for a cheap meal, and ended up at a bagel place somewhere in the far reaches of the airport. As I sat there, like some starving hillbilly, wiping strawberry cream cheese off my face, Magua himself walked by.

Yup, my favourite actor, Wes Studi, waltzed on by. I'm pretty sure he thought "Nice manners, honey. Get a napkin..."

Yes, I stuffed the bagel down my gullet and took off to stalk him, as one does, but I couldn't find him. I'm sure he's still trying to get over his epic loss.

Since the proverbial hunt was a bust, I found my gate and eventually boarded a 5 hour flight to San Francisco.

My Partner In Crime/Hostess With The Mostest picked me up, which is good, since I might still be trying to find her house.

After a few days of jet-lag shifting, we headed for Phoenix, and then on to New Mexico.

I had a few things to do in Navajo Land, which included a visit to a tattoo parlor.

Here is proof.

I'm sure I was saying "Hurry up before we get caught!"

It was a busy but wonderful week in Arizona and New Mexico which included meetings with some VIPs, speaking at Rehoboth Christian School in Gallup, (those poor dear students) and an actual interview for a radio station

(Waves at Chuck Harper), and a visit to the Navajo Nation Museum, a barbeque with friends, and our hostess. And far too many s'mores!

We drove through Flagstaff, en route to Phoenix, and hit a great knitting store called Purl in the Pines. If you're ever in Flagstaff, visit them, it's a gorgeously tempting place.

Another place we visited in Phoenix was the INCREDIBLE Heard Museum. If you've never been there, and you have an opportunity, you must go.

Even the inner courtyard is stunning.

But make no mistake, you will learn things there that you will might not want to know. But the need for justice and the hand of reconciliation reach through the centuries, calling us all-ALL-to speak truth, peace, and healing, to each other.

I loved my time there, and I loved sharing it With my Partner In Crime.

I have a deep sense of being at home when I'm in the Southwest. It is VERY hard to leave.

Until next time, New Mexico.

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