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The Lost Son of Balanya

(Dual time novel-unpublished)

World War Two is finally over.

After years in the Balanya Road Internment Camp, a Japanese civilian POW camp in Malaya, Meg Blackburn arrives in Australia to await news of her father’s fate. Branded a traitor by her fellow prisoners, Meg is adrift in a sea of grief and heartbreak and has no way to clear her name, or find out where her captors took her son.

War photographer Owen Avery spent the war years documenting enemy crimes, and his hatred of traitors knows no bounds. When Owen overhears former POW Meg confess to someone that she loved him, Owen assumes the worst and accuses her of betraying her country and her fellow prisoners.

Meg is reunited with her father and goes home to Scotland, but not before Owen unleashes his misguided wrath upon them both. Owen’s friendship with an American gives him the one chance he’ll ever have of recanting his accusations, and giving Meg a gift nearly lost to history.


At the height of the War on Drugs, after her husband was murdered in a Colombia jungle, Val Avery was found mere hours from death, but never learned the identity of her rescuers.

Ten years later, after leaving her fiancé at the altar, Val goes to Vancouver to start a new life.

Home from undercover work in Colombia, Mateo Quiñones has never forgotten the woman he rescued years earlier.

Shortly after meeting Val Avery, Mateo realizes who she is, but frightens her away before he can explain that he led her team of rescuers.

Before Val’s family comes to meet him, Mateo meets a young man whose grandfather was the only enemy to show Meg Blackburn any kindness, and knows where to find The Lost Son of Balanya.


The Kerrisdale Chronicles
(these books are yet to be published)

A series anchored in Vancouver, British Columbia, with pit-stops in Olowalu, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Book One: The Last Witness 
What happens when a famous NFL player and social media darling unwittingly finds himself in love with a woman in Witness Protection, who happens to be the daughter of a fugitive Mafia hitman? 

Book Two: The Last Watcher
The last survivor of a political murder is now a gaming billionaire, but what is wealth when loneliness has taken its toll? The only person who can put the pieces back together for him is on the wrong side of giving up and not one penny of his money can save her. But his deepest secret can. 

Book Three: The Last Angel 
Looks, charm, wealth and fame cannot heal a broken heart, but a movie star can help heal the heart of a rugby playing, vintage car tycoon, if only that tycoon would let down her guard.

Book Four:  
The Last Deception
A pediatrician falls for a nurse, nothing new there, but the nurse has a very famous brother, and the pediatrician needs fame like another bullet in his head.

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