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  • Jennifer Z. Major

Chain gang.

I shot that video on the way to Bosque Redondo in September 2015.

What I THOUGHT, was that the museum was open. You know, because I was told by park rangers that is was open. Silly me.

This was the face I made when I saw the chains on the gates.

Chains hold a prominent part in my first book.

I didn't want them doing anything to ruin my day. But there they were.

But did I let them RUIN my day? Nope.

Hello, fence.

Goodbye, fence.

*I* could do what I wanted. Back then, the people who were held there could not.

My challenge for today, is for you to think about your own fences. What is keeping you from making today the last day you let yourself be weighted and imprisoned by something you hold on to for no good reason other than defiance or pride?

But I'm warning you, escape is always harder if you try to do it alone.

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