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  • Jennifer Z. Major

Like a garden in someone else's yard.

MANY thanks to all of you who commented on last week's post.

It was a simple and very heartfelt goodbye that I had intended for Doug's family.

I had NO idea whatsoever, how big and far-reaching that family happened to be.

I'm quite aware how self-absorbed I am. But not with that post. It was like signing a card and sending it off, thinking "I hope Shelagh and her kids like this". That was it. That was all.

I did not expect hundreds of visits and all the compliments about how I touched the right note and captured the man so well.

You see, writers and bloggers like it when a post is so well received. We get all "Heyyyyyy, THAT was a fabulous post! I am so stoked about how people think I'm brilliant!! Look at me!!! I write meaningful stuff!!"

Nope. For me? That post wasn't even 'mine'. It was theirs. All theirs. All those visits? Theirs. All the comments. For them.

Thank you all for your kindness and the truly wonderful outpouring for Doug.

But, you're thinking, "that was a HUGE amount of hits?"

Yes, it was.

Do I want to see my website flourish and my blog become that far-reaching again?


But last week's experience was like tossing seeds across the fence and seeing beauty bloom in my neighbour's garden. It may be amazing and inspiring, but it's not mine.

I may relish in the international reach, the inspirational sweep, and the sincerity of reactions...but none of that was about me.

The garden may be beautiful and lavish and stunning, but the stems of the most precious flowers are broken and they ache for the loss of what held them together.

If you have a moment, please pray for Shelagh, Gail, Lorne and their families.

May God hold them in the palm of His hand.

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