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Deep meaningful entry...

Last week's entry got quite a response. Very emotional and enlightening...

And I worked hard on Book 3.

And it's raining. Again.

Plus, nature lesson!


-Last night, on my daily walk, I picked some lilacs off a tree in the yard of a vacant house. The tree was hanging over the sidewalk. Neutral airspace, right? Not when your 13 year old is along for the walk. Noooo. Apparently, I committed theft.

Look, those lilacs were literally in my face as I walked by. Especially when I tilted my head and shoved my face into them.

But thanks to Junior, the whole neighbourhood knows I pick some "Lorax" off a tree.

I like to think of it as "pruning". So there.

Also, he pointed out that I had grey hair. After I punched him, and hurt my hand, he yells, "Hey, I'm just stating the obvious!"

-I HATE June bugs. HATE HATE HATE them!!!

-It's June.

-There are giant flying beetle things attacking the windows in every room that has a light on. I need a drink and a cigarette.

-I don't smoke or drink.

-I've changed the name of my garden to The Amazon. It's a jungle. Somebody should weed it.

-I hate weeding.

-My husband got into a cleaning frenzy over the weekend. I did not. I got into a "don't bug me, I'm on Facebook" frenzy over the weekend. I love the guy, but WHAT is up with people who want tidy homes? Seriously. Someone should do a study on those sorts of life forms.

-It's raining. Like, rain-ing. Definitely can't weed in rain. Nope. Bummer.

-I saw a hegdehog yesterday!!! In the wild!!!

-I mean, a GROUND hog. Yeah, that's it. GROUNDhog. After watching that thing motor around the back yard, NOW I understand why our 13 year old , 18 pound poodle/terrier specialized lethal weapon canine unit freaks out and stares into the back yard at night. And we just thought he was deranged. Huh.

Seriously, imagine a sloth dog suddenly coming to life and barking like a chihuahua on too much coffee, into the dark nothing of your back yard, all the while you're praying the June bugs don't fly at you in formation and send you to the ER with cardiac arrest.

Although there's probably a whole section with a big sign that says "June bugs" and 27 people all laying on the floor in the fetal position, swatting at their hair and weeping "it was like an airplane!!"

-Lilac blooms are so fragrant and summery!!

-I found out last night, after bring STOLEN LILACS into my house that...I'm slightly allergic to lilacs.

Watch, I bet June bugs hatch in lilacs...

-The kids are off to school. so, now it's time to get cracking on my Monday!!

-I'm going back to bed.

Hellooooo Monday.

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