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Well folks, today, January 4th, is the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of!!!

I plan to shout this across the interwebs, and I do hope you'll share as well.

To celebrate this momentous occasion?? How does a bit of bling , a sheep, and a hardcover book sound?

Care to see what I have up my sleeve?

Okay, not UP my sleeve, but you get my drift.

#1 A vintage turquoise and silver bracelet.

Hand model is Robyn Peters.

#2 This "Old Pawn" turquoise and silver ring.

Have you ANY idea how hard it is to give this baby away???

#3 Vintage turquoise and silver earrings.

These lovelies will jingle and ping in your ears and whisper "Take me to The Southwest!"

#4 National Geographic Society's "Navajo Long Walk" by Joseph Bruchach and illustrated by Shonto Begay, in hard cover. Shonto Begay is one of my favourite artists and has an absolutely stunning and enchanting style. This wonderful book tells the story of The Long walk of the Navajo, and their time in Hweeldi.

AND with the book comes...

#5 Natanii the Sheep. He's a sad and lonely WOOL sheep who needs a new home.

Sooooo, here's the fine print.

Each piece of jewelry will be won individually, BUT the earrings will go together. (Didn't see that coming, didja?)

How to win?

Each person who comments on this post AND signs up for my mailing list will have their name put in the hat for the draw.

Which hat? My hat! It's an Argentine/Bolivian felt hat, hand made at Sombrero Sucre, in Sucre, Bolivia.

That's me, my hat, my friend Ted Charles, his hat and Ted's lovely wife Evie (behind the camera, taking the picture) at Canyon de Chelly near Chinle (Chin-lee), Arizona.

IF you share THIS article on Facebook, and let me know that you have, your name gets entered again.

If you favourite and share my Tweets about this website launch, and let me know, your name gets entered again.

If you can get Wes Studi or Kevin Costner to agree to an interview? Well, you get THE EXACT SAME HAT as the one I'm wearing. Not the scarf though, let's not go crazy. My back-up hat is exactly the same as the one in the photo, but the sides curve up. I steamed the sides on that hat down, because hello? Indiana Jones.

So? Comment, sign up, share, and Tweet...and on Monday January 11th, winners will be announced!!

All bling will be mailed from California.

Sorry lovely friends Down Under, and the rest of the world, due to shipping costs, the contest is only open to North America.

**All bling was found on Ebay, and bought in good faith that each piece is in fact, silver and turquoise.

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