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  • Jennifer Z. Major

Navajo bling.

I love bling.

I love bling that is different and unique.

I also LOVE turquoise and silver, especially together!

I bought this piece last September in Gallup , New Mexico at The Perry Null Trading Company.

One of the many things I like about Perry Null is that each and every piece in their mammoth store has a tag authenticating the artisan. None of this "genuine Navajo silver jewelry made in the Philipines from stainless steel" foolishness. Believe me, I love a good bargain, but not at the expense of a skilled artist who makes beautiful work.

I also detest a scam.

This piece is made from China Lake turquoise, 925 silver, and tiny pieces of shell by a Navajo artist in the Southwest.

Isn't it beautiful??

Recently, when I launched this website, I did a give-away. But some things, one does NOT give this Old Pawn Navajo ring.

Remember the seagulls in Finding Nemo? What did they say?

"Mine mine mine mine!"

In A Dangerous Mercy, the main character is a silversmith. One of the gifts he makes his wife is a squash blossom necklace.

Like I mentioned, I would love to own an authentic Navajo squash blossom.


Like this beauty.

Or this one by Navajo artist Delbert Gordon.


But, for now, a girl can dream.

And by "dream", I mean spend quality time on eBay drooling and trying to figure out where to get the funds for an award winning cultural masterpiece.

Until then, I will enjoy my humble treasures and be content knowing that the pieces I have are uniquely mine, and there's nothing I'd trade for them.

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