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  • Jennifer Z. Major

Road trip!!!!

We just returned from a seriously intense road trip. On the 7th, we drove from our home in New Brunswick, to my sister in law's home in Aurora, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.

Fifteen hours of driving, with only a few quick stops.

Thank goodness for audiobooks, iPads, tea, coffee and popcorn!

We spent Friday visiting with extended family, and preparing for my father in law's memorial. He passed away February 1st, at the grand age of 99, but my MIL chose April 9th for the memorial service.

On Saturday, we congregated at the deaf church in downtown Toronto, and enjoyed reunions with many old friends of the family. It was hard, but sweet.

On Sunday morning, my daughter and youngest son and I drove to Quebec City, and then the rest if the way home on Monday.

It was a very unique road trip, and not one full of the usual road trip antics and mindset. But Grandpa blessed so many people through the years, and it was a privilege to say goodbye with so many present who knew and loved him for all of their lives.

My husband spoke for the family and delivered the eulogy. In it, he mentioned his dad's LOVE of Tim Hortons Boston Cream Donuts. He also said something that I didn't know.

He said that my FIL, moments before he died, turned to my MIL, his wife of 68 1/2 years, and signed "I heard music."

He'd been completely deaf his entire 99 years and 2 months on this earth.

Also, after almost a century of hearing absolutely nothing, how would he even know what anything sounded like?

Because he heard the divine music of heaven.

Now? I think he's sitting at a little donut shop with Jesus, chowing down on tea and Boston Creams, and thanking the Lord for the sweet joy of music, sugar, fishing, and a life well lived.

We all miss him. But he is with Jesus, and he knows we'll take good care of his girl until she joins him.

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