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Picture day.

As a rule, I never/rarely post pictures of any of my kids.

They didn't sign up for this gig.., so I...actually, wait a minute!!

They didn't NOT sign up!!



Still, I don't take advantage of that fact and blast their faces all over the interwebs and shame/embarrass/thrill them with yet another layer of instant fame.

BUT, these were too fun to not share. You'll weep over how awesome they are.

One of the family members had a Jet Ski that needed using, so Son One took it out and had waaaaaaay too much fun!!

Notice the circular pattern he's drilled into the lake?

Son Three got all spleeny when I threatened him with my camera.

So he did that. The "I can sink at will" move.

See what I mean? Now you totally know what they look like.

But, at camp...

There's a jumping tower and a Tarzan rope at camp, this shot is kinda blurry, but you get the drift.

From camp, we drove down to Toronto for a few days to stay with Hub's sister and her crew. She has a lovely hibiscus plant on her deck. LOOK at that colour!!!

From there, we drove to a sweet little town near Kingston, and while we had a fabulous visit, our hosts Mark and Miriam Snider showed us THIS.

WHY do that to helpless bacon!?!?!?!?

But apparently this is a hit. No, they didn't make it. But Miriam Snider could take a rock and a bucket of water and then POOF, you're drooling over her skills.

After supper, (to work off a fabulous pot roast and a keg of ice cream) we walk around town, and saw these. On the same plant.

Yes, one is purple.

We admired it, and walked the rest of the way home.

By the way? If you're ever in Westport, Ontario?

Visit the Vanilla Bean's Café and Creamery.

Say hi to the Sniders, and FEAST on their selection of Kawartha Dairy ice cream.

I recommend the salted caramel truffle. Sweet Baby Moses!!!

We left Westport at 7:37am on Friday, and buy 8pm that evening, we rolled into our driveway.

But? Less than an hour from home, we saw this.

Despite a few setbacks, like a CT scan and mild loopiness, it's been a great summer. School starts in Tuesday, and although I like sleeping in, I also like the quiet during the day to write.

So, starting this week, I begin a massive revision of the first book in the series. But I'm looking forward to it. I miss the characters and look forward to spending time with them again.

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