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  • Jennifer Z. Major

A big plate.

Folks, I'm not posting a deep meaningful blog this week.

I have a whack of stuff on a big plate, a cup, a bowl...

You get the picture.

So, I need to pull back on a few things.

I have a BIG trip coming up in 4 weeks. Stuff needs to be prepped.

I have a restructuring of my book that needs to get started.

My house is a bit dis-ordered.

And this "I can't get into a van/ neck injury/concussion" has left me with a few issues that can only be resolved by rest.

Rest? Bahahahaha!!! I'm SO good at that, when I feel like it.

When I don't? Uhhh, let's just say I don't like to be told what to do.

So, this week? Getting things in order, and getting some work done, oh, and picking my blackberries before they fall off the canes and go to waste.

I hope to be back next week, with wisdom and depth so amazing , you all weep.

Or not.

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