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  • Jennifer Z. Major

A room with a view...

Well, the adventure I'd been sooo looking forward to has come, and gone.

Ohhh, it was a BLAST!!!

But the prep and planning took months and months, thankfully, I only had to deal with planning a flight or three, and getting myself to San Francisco.

But lemme tell ya, as for the flights? I did some praying along the way!

I made it to San Francisco, and into the custody of ... let's call her "RCP"... then off we went to her place. It was 10 something West Coast time. But 2am ish my time.

A day or two of rest and we loaded up her car and headed to Monterey, California by way of Gilroy.

As in, Gilroy Outlet Mall.

Hello, Asics store! And hello new Asics shoes!!! Umm, yeah, just shy of HALF what I'd pay a home. And the second pair was half price!!! Happy Birthday to ME!!!

After a healthy lunch at In and Out, on we went to stormy Monterey.

It took a few hours to get our room, but that was fine, since it gave us time to socialize. Which, as most of you know, is just ever so hard on me.


I'll title this shot "who really cares if it's raining?"

After a sniffly goodbye to RCP, she headed home and I stayed.

She did get to say hello to a few of my compadres, which was nice.

I finally found my room mates, and we settled in.

Speaking of roomies?

Say hello to Amelia Rhodes and Davalynn Spencer (in the posh specs).

Amelia sharing her wisdom...

...Davalynn pondering Amelia's thoughts, whilst enjoying the ocean.

Speaking of the ocean.


It was an INTENSE few days. The client retreat lasted Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon, which was technically a bonus day. Many people left early Wednesday morning.

I doubt I could've handled anything more.

The brain and body can only take so much in such a short amount of time. Thankfully, for every moment of learning, there was time to get outside and play.

Honestly, it might be too soon for me to articulate all that entered my head and heart. But I did want to share a glimpse of the weekend.

A few highlights? Well, time with my roomies, of course. And time with women like Kim Frederickson and Tara Johnson...who both got to spend time with my hat. Aren't they BLESSED?

Of course, time with my dear friend and agent, Mary Keeley.

Yes, she probably is saying "Try to behave!!"

To which I'm most likely replying, "You wish."

And then there was her. Him?

After our lunch on Tuesday, this wee little bird landed on our table and then simply sunk into the comfort of the tablecloth.

It was as un-shy as birds come. So very "hey, I'll just sit here and chill while you and Kim chat. But feel free to take my picture."

I'm enjoying exactly 2 days of R&R before RCP and I head off to New Mexico for a Very Important Week.

More on that soon.

Until then, enjoy the blessings of the ordinary, and the extraordinary. Like colourful autumn days, and very brave birds.

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