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  • Jennifer Z. Major

My seriously inspirational post for the New Year.

So, yeah, (deep meaningful statement) about 2017 being the year of (something deep and meaningful) and how I've (something about learning and growing as a person) and how I plan on (big goal or something biggish) and choosing to (something all meaningful and deep) as I pursue (dream or goal or something profound) and always aim for (something about reaching the heights and stuff) and stuff.

Wow, need a Kleenex? I know I do. I mean, whoa...somebody send this to Beth Moore!!

Or Andy Stanley.

Chuck Swindoll?

Seriously though, for 2017?

Here's my plan...

Do my best to honour God, be the wife that my husband needs, the mom that my kids need, and the friend that my friends need.

Work hard at my writing, never give up, and remember that whatever happens, God is in control...

...and try to keep my paws out of the chocolate.

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