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  • Jennifer Z. Major

Epic levels of lazy, or is it a time saving mod-con?

I returned last night from our youngest's 5 day hockey tournament in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Lovely town...I didn't see a thing beyond the rink complex, our hotel, and where we fed the herd. For the record, most tournaments are 3 days. This was a huge one, with 28 teams!!

Yes, our boys won!!

Annnnnnd then we all drove the 4.5 hours home. Although, *our* drive would've been less, but I accidentally took the exit to Cape Breton and spent 10 minutes praying for a spot to turn around. Then another 10 minutes backtracking.

Yes, I'm zonked. Yes, I slept in until 11am. Yes, I'm lazing around today.

Being "on" for that length of time is tiring for anyone. I'm what I call an "omni-vert". I'm an extrovert in the right environment, but an introvert the whole rest of the time. I like being with people, but it does get tiring when there are people with whom I tend to guard my words. I did have the enormous blessing of a visit with my dear friend Lisa, on Saturday afternoon. I hadn't seen her in years, so it was a blast!

But ahhhhhhhh, the refueling that is MY quiet house, and me in my sweats and messy hair. Tis bliss, and well deserved.

So, as I'm relaxing, I'm scrolling through Facebook and I see one of those ads that make me wonder where we've gone wrong as a culture. It was for a self stirring mug.

Yup, a mug that stirs itself.

Maybe it's for when spoons go extinct?

In the little video, it showed someone making the beverage. The person poured the contents of a little "peel off the lid" creamer into the mug. What struck me as odd, was the ironic foolishness of it all. IF the person can PEEL a lid off a teeeny cup, which took TWO hands?? What's so hard about stirring a SPOON???

Yeah, yeah, I know the whole self stirring thing is a sales gimmick, I get that. But have we come so far that somewhere out there is someone saying, "Thank the Lord!!! I can select the right amount of beans, use a bean grinder, put the grinds through a French press, time the brewing process and then plunge down that elaborate filter, pour my coffee and then add the heated, frothed milk...but heck if I know how to stir the concoction!!!"??

Please, people, in a world of self stirring mugs? Be the person who hands out the little spoon. Make life less about "things" and more about the moments we spend slowing down and being together.

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