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The Vertigo Diaries AND a Monday Update...

So the weekend was a total wash-out.

I was flat on my back, or carefully seated on a skillfully arranged pile of pillows, because that thrill of thrills, vertigo, came to visit in the wee hours of Friday morning.

About 5am, I got up to go to the loo, and literally had to grab my blankets to keep from flying across the room. Or so I thought.

Now, clueless types could say vertigo is like being dizzy. Umm, yeah. That's like saying a tiara is a hat.

My most recent experience can be described as feeling like my head is trying to dial 5 on a rotary phone, over and over, whilst the rest of me is falling backwards from a cliff.

Sitting still does NOT help. One just has to wait for it to pass.

Take that, dizzy.

So, here's how my weekend went:

Thursday: (yeah, I know it's not exactly a weekend, but...) I finished the read through on the rough draft of Book Three and made notes on what and where to dive back in. Had planned a heavy writing weekend. Was very excited about getting back to this book. I'd finished helping some writer friends with some stuff and was seriously eager about mine.

Friday, 5am: woke up, hitched to a hurricane. Swirled and flailed, trying to get some balance. Did not happen. Went to the bathroom, and then staggered back to bed. It was a storm day for our school aged kids, so I could stay in bed and not worry. Slept on and off. When I felt steady enough, I brought my laptop up to our room and set up camp. Our youngest made my breakfast and lunch, and took fabulous care of me.

I had a hot bath in the afternoon. That was stupid, considering the whole balance thing. Exhausted myself from that, and slept on and off all afternoon. Walked around the house for 5 minutes. Napped after such strenuous foolishness.

Took Gravol to sleep.

Spin Factor for the day? 10/10

Saturday: Laid in bed until 10-something. Why? Too woozy to get up. Netflix movies and visited Facebook on and off for the entire day. Realized my hair looked like a bad science experiment. Didn't have the gas in the tank to wash it and dry it. Had a wee pity party, left early. Chatted online with a few of our offspring. Walked around my house for 10 minutes, then lay down for substantially more than 10 minutes.

Over-all, did literally nothing and was completely exhausted from it.

Although, both Friday and Saturday, LOTS of people suggested a few at-home maneuvers to cure the dizziness. Doing this whilst alone is beyond stupid.

Took Gravol to sleep.

Spin Factor for the day? 7/10

Sunday: Repeat of Saturday.

Vaguely noticed Hubs and Youngest leave for church. Watched a couple of movies. Rested.

Made my own breakfast and lunch. Spilled tea on my keyboard. JUST the top row and I cleaned it quickly. Wore myself out from that. Rested after the excitement.

Felt 128 years old.

Rested s'more.

Washed the unruly mane of weeds atop my head. Dried it with an actual hairdryer (that weighed 19 pounds, maybe). Felt human again. Then had to lay down, because WOW that wore me out.

Checked the weather way too often. A blizzard will be landing here overnight and into tomorrow. Wow, another productive day. A tonne of snow expected to fall.

Maybe another movie. We'll see.

As I type this, it's 6:37pm. I'm so tired, it feels like 11:37pm.

Spin Factor:5/10. Yay for improvement.

Hoping and praying I can get some work done tomorrow.

May or may not take Gravol to sleep.

Monday: I woke up after a good sleep and felt great. I even ate all my meals downstairs!!

But , ahhh, Monday. It was the 3rd storm-day in a week, and we got HAMMERED with a winter storm so bad that snowfall records are going to break. I think at least 65 -80 centimetres fell, which is 26-30 inches, from late Sunday evening to Monday evening.

I had the mental clarity to write a few 1000 words on Book 3, and I even got a few loads of laundry done.

And best of all, I got the kitchen cleaned up from 3 days of me being down for the count. Hubs kept things running, but in a sort of umm, oh wow...anyway...

So there we go. I sure hope the vertigo stays far, far away for a very long time!

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