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  • Jennifer Z. Major

A Merry (early) Christmas!

Back in the Darker Ages, before cell phones and wifi, and even before I met my husband, I had a treasure. A Bible. A gift, I think from my parents, during high school. Now, to some, it was nothing but words on a page, and a thick reason to beat people over the head. But for others, it could mean a long and tortuous prison sentence, the loss of their children, and in many cases, death.

Yes, death. Usually in a long and gruesome manner. But it was treasure worth dying for.

Over the years, I have often looked for it in the nooks and crannies of my house. On the many book shelves, and in the drawers and crates where I've stored other treasures. I gave up a year or so ago, thinking that perhaps it was lost in the move, back in 1995. It made me sad to give up the hunt, but, what could I do?

Now, back when I was newly married, and living in a suburb of Vancouver, I got a job working in a picture framing company. I couldn't quite get the hang of cutting perfect mattes, but I did all right. I was good at framing, and I enjoyed working there. Well, mostly. The Owners didn't believe in letting us employees take actual breaks or lunches. Like, seriously. No breaks? Honestly, if they arrived and an employee was just sitting in the back, taking his or her government mandated break or lunch? We'd get a good, old-fashioned, Dickensian lecture. When I let it be known that I was pregnant, I also let it be known that I would be taking my breaks, thankyouverymuch. Thankfully, the store managers were all quite supportive of letting a pregnant woman sit down.

One of the people I met there was a lovely young woman named...let's call her L. L was adorable, and we clicked right away. She started to come to church with us, and then I realized something, L didn't have a Bible. So, I gave her mine. And to be honest, that was hard, because as you see, it was a treasure...but I truly felt that God was asking me to give L my Bible.

We moved away from Vancouver in 1992, and then moved from our sweet little house in Deep River, in 1995.

We set off for the Maritimes and I admit that I did not want to move here. NO, I did not. It took 10 years to feel at home!

The internet came along, and eventually social media took over the world. Hello, Facebook.

I looked for L on Facebook, but could never find her, which made me sad, because she was such a lovely person. Over the years, I prayed for her quite often. That she would be well loved and safe, and that she never had to wonder if she mattered to anyone.

I never, ever forgot her.

Then lo and behold, on November 4th!!!??? I got a Facebook message from her!!! She left a sweet note, and said that she had something of mine, and wanted to know if I wanted it back...

What did she have????

I was ELATED!!! So, of course I gave her my address, and about 2 weeks ago, it came!!

When I opened the package, there was a lovely Christmas card...

I read the card, got quite choked up , and then lost it altogether when I cracked my long-lost treasure open.

High school and college memories came back in waves as I looked at my notes, poems, cards, and read a note from a dear friend I met and shared a room with back in 1981-82.

Thank you, L, for such a fabulous Christmas gift, and thank you for the gift of your friendship, once again.


Merry Christmas!

See you in January!

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