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  • Jennifer Z. Major

On the edge? It's not what you think.

A couple of years ago, my partner in crime and I, also known as "Thelma and Louise" spent some quality time near the Grand Canyon.

Now, as all good mothers know, if someone is within ten feet of the edge, they are definitely going to fall off and plunge to their doom. We know this because we are moms. Now, go put a sweater on, I'm cold.

Anyway, as you can imagine, it was utterly breath-taking and there are not enough words in any language to describe that place.

And yet, while some people were having serious communion with God and being left left speechless at His work, others were herding various humans to and fro and generally not enjoying themselves. Honestly, some people do not belong on the loose.

Like who?

Well, look at this photo...

No crazy looking types there, oh, but wait...oh, before you move on, see that faint squiggle edged by a green blur, just "above" the lower pinnacle? That's the Colorado River, and some trees. That's a lonnnnnng way down.

Now, imagine that person taking a selfie.

No, her just sitting there doesn't make it better.

It's over a mile down, by the way.

I wonder if the rangers call that Fool's Ridge, or Dead Man's Drop? Or maybe Your Mother Said That Would Happen Hill.


We can stand back and observe from a safe distance...

We can stay safely behind the ropes and guardrails, never stepping foot into the scary panorama because we know we'll just fall...

We can trust our own eyes to keep us from harm...

I mean, it's easy to stare across that vast expanse and feel like a blip on God's radar. It's easy to fall victim to self doubt and live in Wonder Land, and not the nice neighbourhood, either...

I'll admit, the last few months have been a challenge, writing-wise. New doors are coming up and I need to be ready for whatever is behind them at the Mount Hermon conference in March.

But, lately God has been reminding me that while I think I can see what is ahead and plan accordingly, He looks down from heaven and sees all the minute details that I miss as I do my best to plot a course.

These tiny flowers grew among the orange and ochre rocks near the canyon rim.

In all the majestic splendour that took my breath away, I nearly missed these. Tiny daisies (?) that had the strength to stand beside one of the great wonders of the world and say "I'm here. I may be small, but the same hands that made that canyon also made me."

Lately, a few friends have encouraged me and reminded me that my work matters. And that the same God who gave me the words will give me the time and place to share them. But not in my time, never in my time.

So, in the waiting, I will praise Him, even as the flowers in the fields, and on the canyon rims, reach out and praise Him.

And yes, I am tired of waiting, but, I will go stand on the edge, and be ready to go when He calls.

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