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  • Jennifer Z. Major

And just like that...hope.

It's always interesting how a person can go from just floating along, dealing with the everyday humdrum stuff like putting Christmas decorations away, doing the laundry, making some tea...and then the phone rings.

I didn't recognize the number, so I let the machine take the message (yes, we have an actual answering machine) and then once I heard who was speaking, I totally recognized the voice of a good friend.

But I had to go dry my hair before a headache kicked in. When I called my friend back, what he said made me speechless.

Don't worry, I recovered quickly. Yup, full wordiness. High word count. Words, words, words!

Have you ever heard news that was so unexpected, so out-of-the-blue that all you could muster was dropping your jaw and squeaking out weird noises that sounded more like an agitated jungle bird than a human?

My mood was a bit lifted, shall we say. And my brother put it best the next day, "I hear hope and drive in your voice again."

So yes, I've had some encouraging book news.

But nope, I won't be saying ANYTHING until there's something to say.

It's safe and predictable here in Square One, and I don't want to make more of this hopeful bit of news than what is actually there.

Besides, nothing could happen and we'd end up back here, at Square One.

See what I did there? Wild, eh?

BUT, my friend's words were enough to cheer me up, and make me walk around in a daze, and pray a LOT.

If you would be so kind, I'd appreciate prayers over this news. When I am able, I will share more, but for now, let's just say that a spark is floating in the air again, and it is up to God where that little spark lands.

One item I did want to clarify about last week's former agent didn't drop me. That agent dropped my work because she wasn't the right agent for it, and since I bring the work, I left with it, too.

Sometimes, things hit the fan, people get hurt, and then the struggle begins again.

Yes, it all hurt.

But to quote Princess Buttercup's words to Dread Pirate Westley in The Princess Bride, "life is pain!"

Wellll, yes, and no, Princess.

Life is a rollercoaster, and sometimes there are thrills, and sometimes you gotta aim over the side. But, it's over and I need to move forward, and to basically hush up about what happened...

Also, I apologize for getting a leeeettle bit too personal.

(Speaking of Buttercup, wasn't she a great character? Also, I highly recommend Cary Elwes' book As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride....squirrel!)

Sooooooo, please pray for me. Hopefully I'll have something good to share soon...and thank you for riding this rollercoaster with me.

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