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Something new under the sun.

Anyone who's been reading here for any length of time knows a few things...

1) I use 19 point Enriqueta font.

2) I love the Southwest.

3I LOVE Earl Grey tea.

4)I never say the names or locations of my friends and family unless I have permission.

5)I love chocolate.

6)I've had a roller coaster ride as a writer.

Ohhhh, yay. Here she goes again.

Blah blah blah.

Whine whine whine.

Suck it up, buttercup.

Hey, just keeping it real, kids. Besides, this is my sandbox.

And I have a point. Or more than one...anyway, read on.

One point...

I reallllly dislike preachy posts.

I'm not a preacher.

I also dislike Bible-thumpers who turn literally EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT into a chance to mention that people are sinners. They're the types that could ruin a tea party with phrases like "Well, this tea is lovely, but it's not the Living Water , is it?"

Yeah, uhh? Who invited her?

Yes, I respect good preaching. I've heard a lot of great sermons. Lots. And some that were ...uhhh...anyway...

Now, I am mostly an introvert, but I do have extrovert skills.

If I see that the street-corner preacher is good, I'll stop and listen, even if I feel awkward. But if that person is condemning everyone within a ten foot radius with volcanic hell-fire? Ohhhh no!! I'd get all Extrovert and be the one to tell everyone to go on about their day. To go home and watch Mister Rogers to learn about love and kindness.

If they want to dive into the life of a true Christian? Look up Jesus. And Corrie ten Boom. Look up Deitrich Bonhoeffer. Look up Louis Zamperini.

Another point...

I dislike is preachy fiction. If I want to read theology, I'll read theology. I once read a historical fiction series that had a Bible verse at the end of every chapter, and the 19 year old heroine had the theological knowledge of a 80 year old professor. Like, come ON.

Yes, there are many excellent works of fiction that uplift and strengthen believers who want to experience someone else's struggles and grow from them. Like, TONNES of them. I know many of them and they're FABULOUS at what they do.

And another point...

I'm really not sure that I'm called to be one of those authors.

I'm not sure I even want to be.

Yes, I want to tell incredible stories. To bring change. To kick some butt and make my readers BEG for more. Just like every other author.

I mean, I have. And I will.

But, where does that leave me right now?

NEW point...

We'll see how things go with #PitchWars.

I can hear you say "Umm, whaaa? Pitch WHAT??"

Last month, I discovered this cool thing on Twitter called #PitMad, which was put on by the crew at Their motto is "into the publishing trenches with you". (Look them up!)

I was really impressed and took part in #PitMad a few weeks ago.

Since I'm flying unrepresented right now, I thought I'd give things a shot with #PitchWars.

We'll see what happens, but until I know more?

It's back to work, because sitting around and waiting for The Next Big Thing is a bad idea.

Also? Dwelling on the past is a bad idea.

There's a saying that goes "put your hand to the plow, and don't look back". Sadly, I've been looking back lately, and feeling the sting of What Was. I need to stop that. It's not conducive to anything good.

So, I work. I work some more. I don't dwell on What Was. And like thousands of other determined writers who submitted to #PitchWars?

I plow.

Straight ahead.

And I don't give up.

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